God Turns Fibroid to Fine Boy

“By the grace of God, we have three daughters and due to that, I was nicknamed ‘Baba Abigail’. After 3 girls, I told my wife we should stop child bearing because making it in life is not about gender. One day, my wife had stomach upset so we went to the hospital. The doctor said 3 fibroids were growing inside her womb. I tore the result and headed for the Redemption Camp and prayed to God to speak joy to my life because I went in sorrow. The Lord spoke through Pastor Enoch Adeboye and he said, “God said there is somebody in the congregation, before you leave, the Lord will turn your sorrow to joy” and I claimed it. I went back home and laid my hands on my wife’s stomach and said “you fibroid, I turn you into a fine boy.” To the glory of God, the Lord turned the fibroid into a baby boy and we now have three girls and a boy.”

A/p Adebiyi Omoalagbadaina

God Answers with Surprise Government Job

Pastor Adeboye was ministering on TV on Dec. 21, 2018 when he told us to ask God for anything which I did. Prior to that time, I was looking for an appointment with the Bayelsa State Government. To the glory of God, my appointment came through on Dec. 24, 2018.”

A/P (Mrs.) Gow

Cancer Bows to Jesus

“I work at the Federal Medical Centre in Abia State. Pastor Enoch Adeboye prayed on our handkerchiefs during the 2018 convention. Resuming work after then, I ministered to a 16 year old boy who had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and he gave his life to Jesus. His chemotherapy started but before then, I gave him an anointed handkerchief which he tied around his hand. He vomitted blood and went into shock during treatment but declared often that he will not die. With all the complications of chemo from August to January, he is alive and well.”

Sis. Love Adeniji

God Heals Blood Cancer

“My son, Oluwatamilore, was diagnosed of Leukemia in 2014 when he was 2 years old; constantly suffering high temperature, swollen legs and pains. We were transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and amongst those treated, he was the only one standing. The doctors said there would be another test if no relapse after 5 years. Pastor Enoch Adeboye replied when my husband and I wrote to him that we would share our testimony. In July 2019, we went to LUTH for the required tests and there was no trace of cancer. He rang the bell of victory because the doctors could not believe it. Praise the Lord.”

Dcns. Kemisola Adewunmi

Deliverance from 20-Year Addiction

“I struggled with drug addiction for over 20 years. I thank God for His great deliverance. God spoke through a man of God during a program in RCCG House of Favour and Jesus delivered me. I am now free.”

Bro. Japheth Efogbe

Dance Ends 16 Years of Asthma

“I suffered from asthma attack for 16 years. In 2006, my Pastor encouraged me to go to the Redemption Camp and I came with all the drugs I was using to control the asthma. During the program, Pastor Enoch Adeboye said whosoever wanted to receive his/her miracle should get ready to dance. As I was dancing, I felt something like a sharp object fall out of my chest and I fell down. When I got up, I felt something had left me and on the 2nd day, I refused to take the drugs I was using because I wanted to exercise faith. That marked the end of asthma in my life because from then till now, I have not experienced the symptoms of asthma again.”

Bro. Edwin James

3 Day Fast Upturns the Norm

The Lord blessed my family with a baby girl in Nov. 2018. Afterwards, my family trusted God and we spoke to people about child care for our second baby. The Holy Spirit instructed me not to reach out to any of the contacts but to wait on Him. I fasted for 3 days and on the last day, a friend rang saying she had a minder who was willing to help on Thursdays and Fridays. This was a confirmation of answered prayers and that God had gone ahead of my prayer request just after the fast. The following week, I was contacted from my office regarding a training course I had looked forward to. That same week, the MSc course I was previously advised won’t be funded for this year, was changed for my sake when the Lord changed the rule that courses would be funded again and I was advised to apply.”

Sis. Yemisi Remi Olasehinde

Blocked Tubes Produce a Set of Twins

“I got married in 2010 when I was in my 40s and waited on God for 7 years for the fruit of the womb. While waiting, my husband and I went for check-up at the hospital and we were told I had fibroid and my two fallopian tubes were blocked and my husband had low sperm count. The doctor told us we would not be able to produce a child. After removing the fibroid and treating ourselves, it was still the same report. We wrote to Pastor Enoch Adeboye and he replied that we would soon testify; so we continued waiting on the Lord. Also, whenever I attended any of the services in Redemption Camp and heard non-RCCG members testify of how they stood in the gap for someone and a miracle happened, I would tell God I appreciated all those testimonies but I am still a daughter of the Kingdom; what is happening?

My husband and I attended a Day Out with the God of Daddy GO in April 2017 and a Word of prophecy came which we held unto. God intervened through a medical procedure in April 2017 which resulted in a pregnancy. God blessed us with a set of twins; Judah and Joshua on December 6, 2017. My husband also got a job in May 2019. Hallelujah.”

Dcns. Dorcas Ernest Ekpe

Anointed Handkerchief Does it Again

“Some months ago, I received a call from my younger sister that my immediate elder sister had been taken to the hospital because she was in labour. She had been in labour for some time. My Pastor’s wife called me to ask if I was not going to attend the Holy Ghost Service so I told her that my mind was not settled because of my sister’s condition. She said if that was the case, I should go to the altar at the Redemption Camp and talk to God. I did so, asking God to help her deliver safely. As I was saying that, I quickly remembered the anointed handkerchiefs and called my sister to ask if she had any of them with her but she didn’t. Suddenly, I remembered she sent a picture of her pregnancy to me on phone. I rubbed the handkerchief on her picture and prayed that she would not deliver though operation.

I went to bed after the prayer. Not long after that, her husband called me that she had safely delivered a baby boy.”

Sis. Hope Onyenne

Communion Works Wonders

“I had a big swelling in my neck in 2017. I went to the hospital and the result showed that I had goiter. The swelling affected my right eye and the doctor advised that I undergo surgery immediately. I refused and went to Church. I started praying and taking the Holy Communion. To the glory of God, the communion worked. The Lord reset my face and my eye went back to its position, but since that time until May 2019, I used to have severe pains from my right yes to the back of my head. I could not sleep at night because of the pain. I told God I was going to the Redemption Camp to partake of the Holy Communion and the Lord answered my prayer. Since then, the pain has gone and I am whole.”

Sis. Rose Basset

Unlikely Landlord Lands a House

I relocated to Ghana about 2 years ago. In 2018, Pastor Enoch Adeboye came to Ghana and at a meeting, he mentioned that he came because of two people and I claimed it saying ‘Lord I must be one of them.’ After praising God over a particular challenge, He told me to return to Nigeria. I came back to Nigeria some months ago and where God put me was unfamilar. A week before the June Holy Ghost Service, I worshipped at a parish in Yaba and Pastor Enoch Adeboye preached on ‘Be Great’, he prophesied that from then till December, tenants would become landlords; which I claimed.

The next day after I claimed the prophecy, I received a phone call that I should come to the Redemption Camp. To God be the glory, the key of a 3-bedroom bungalow was given to me in the name of my daughter who is 13 years old.”

Elder George Bunna