Last year 2019 congress, the great turnaround. God turned my 14 years of barrenness into fruitfulness. I had a beautiful baby girl this year 2020. A week after giving birth, I was rushed to the emergency ward because feaces was coming out of the C-section spot. I reminded God of his recent gift and that I will live to take care of my baby. After 4hrs surgery, I came out of the surgery with 2 small and 1 very big hole in my abdomen with a big C-section cut at my lower abdomen. I was told the staples used to close up the first caesarean cut nipped my small intestine and flesh eating bacteria trapped there feasted on my abdominal flesh and skin and that is why I have the very big whole. It was so serious, my case became a case study for student doctors and you could see the fear on the nurses and people who saw my wounds, but my GOD who helped me to stay in the hospital in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and come out with no infection, today with the wisdom He gave man has allowed flesh and skin to grow and the wholes to close up very fast to the amazement of the doctors. My baby is growing strong and full of grace. Praise God for His ever loving care and faithfulness in my life. Hallelujah

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