My name is Deacon Nduka Peters from RCCG, Crown of Glory Parish, Shining Star Zone, Rivers Province 7. I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul and that of my family. On Sunday, 6th of Dec. 2020, after the Thanksgiving Service in the Parish, on our way back home, we discovered that diesel had earlier been spilled on some parts of the road we were plying, hence the road was slippery. As a result of this, the car ahead of us suddenly began to somersault. At this moment, I tried to dodge the car that was somersaulting, but my car’s break failed because there was no friction due to the slippery state of the road. It was during this process that my car swerved and hit a 33 kV high tension pole, which also dragged two other poles beside a transformer, and the two poles eventually fell on my car. Light began to spark, the roof of the car started burning. To God be the glory, the fire suddenly quenched, the current went off, and my children and I eventually opened the door and came out of the car alive without injury. Let somebody join me to shout HALLELUJAH!

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