“By the grace of God, we have three daughters and due to that, I was nicknamed ‘Baba Abigail’. After 3 girls, I told my wife we should stop child bearing because making it in life is not about gender. One day, my wife had stomach upset so we went to the hospital. The doctor said 3 fibroids were growing inside her womb. I tore the result and headed for the Redemption Camp and prayed to God to speak joy to my life because I went in sorrow. The Lord spoke through Pastor Enoch Adeboye and he said, “God said there is somebody in the congregation, before you leave, the Lord will turn your sorrow to joy” and I claimed it. I went back home and laid my hands on my wife’s stomach and said “you fibroid, I turn you into a fine boy.” To the glory of God, the Lord turned the fibroid into a baby boy and we now have three girls and a boy.”

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