Praise the lord, I thank God for the salvation of my soul. While I was still in Nigeria , before I moved to united states I was diagnosed of Ischemic heart disease due to incessant chest pain. I prayed and fasted for healing especially at every monthly holy ghost services and congress. The pain would disappear after I return back home from the program and later come back after few day. This became recurrent issue that I didn’t know what to do again even after I moved to USA.. But to the glory of the Almighty God , during October holy communion service , I replayed the communion service on YouTube when I returned home from work. Myself and my wife prepared the communion with juice and bread we have at home and followed our daddy instructions and prayer after taken the communion. To the glory of God, the heart disease disappeared and chest pain gone. I went for series of test thereafter here in United States and nothing was found .I also had severe symptoms of covid 19. Infact, nearly everyone in my place of work was tested positive but everything disappeared with the holy communion. Praise the lord.

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