I relocated to Ghana about 2 years ago. In 2018, Pastor Enoch Adeboye came to Ghana and at a meeting, he mentioned that he came because of two people and I claimed it saying ‘Lord I must be one of them.’ After praising God over a particular challenge, He told me to return to Nigeria. I came back to Nigeria some months ago and where God put me was unfamilar. A week before the June Holy Ghost Service, I worshipped at a parish in Yaba and Pastor Enoch Adeboye preached on ‘Be Great’, he prophesied that from then till December, tenants would become landlords; which I claimed.

The next day after I claimed the prophecy, I received a phone call that I should come to the Redemption Camp. To God be the glory, the key of a 3-bedroom bungalow was given to me in the name of my daughter who is 13 years old.”

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