“Some months ago, I received a call from my younger sister that my immediate elder sister had been taken to the hospital because she was in labour. She had been in labour for some time. My Pastor’s wife called me to ask if I was not going to attend the Holy Ghost Service so I told her that my mind was not settled because of my sister’s condition. She said if that was the case, I should go to the altar at the Redemption Camp and talk to God. I did so, asking God to help her deliver safely. As I was saying that, I quickly remembered the anointed handkerchiefs and called my sister to ask if she had any of them with her but she didn’t. Suddenly, I remembered she sent a picture of her pregnancy to me on phone. I rubbed the handkerchief on her picture and prayed that she would not deliver though operation.

I went to bed after the prayer. Not long after that, her husband called me that she had safely delivered a baby boy.”

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