“I got married in 2010 when I was in my 40s and waited on God for 7 years for the fruit of the womb. While waiting, my husband and I went for check-up at the hospital and we were told I had fibroid and my two fallopian tubes were blocked and my husband had low sperm count. The doctor told us we would not be able to produce a child. After removing the fibroid and treating ourselves, it was still the same report. We wrote to Pastor Enoch Adeboye and he replied that we would soon testify; so we continued waiting on the Lord. Also, whenever I attended any of the services in Redemption Camp and heard non-RCCG members testify of how they stood in the gap for someone and a miracle happened, I would tell God I appreciated all those testimonies but I am still a daughter of the Kingdom; what is happening?

My husband and I attended a Day Out with the God of Daddy GO in April 2017 and a Word of prophecy came which we held unto. God intervened through a medical procedure in April 2017 which resulted in a pregnancy. God blessed us with a set of twins; Judah and Joshua on December 6, 2017. My husband also got a job in May 2019. Hallelujah.”

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