I want to thank the Almighty GOD, The Lord of restoration. The ONE who speaks and it comes to pass.
I started a program to build a career for myself and my family in 2011. God saw me through the first half of this program successful in early 2013. The second half will require me to quit my Job because it’s a full time program. I enrolled in the 2nd half of the program in 2014 after many unsuccessful attempts in late 2013 but I was unable to complete it. I dropped out at the very first semester due to many challenges. God in His infinite mercy granted me favor in the site of my former boss and she told me it is okay to come back and work for the company but I will not have my former position back and I will have to start at the entry level. Sometime in August 2016, I was in my office when I felt the present of God. It was like HE was giving instructions and reminding me at the same time not to allow all my effort to go in vein. At that moment, the choice of school was revealed to me. I have to move very fast so that some of the courses I took previously will not expire. With just two weeks left before the registration deadline, I applied to the school with the confident that my success is guaranteed if God will go with me. Within two weeks, I was able to complete a process that should have taken one month or more.
A confirmation that God will see me through came on Day 3 of the 2016 Holy Ghost Congress “Complete Restoration” when Daddy G.O said “The Lord said He has gone before me and He is already working on my behalf, there is no stopping me now”. On the 4th day another word of prophecy came and Daddy G.O said “The Lord said I should inform someone here today “I will simply Help you”. Finally, on the 5th day Daddy G.O said “The Lord said fear NOT I will support you all the way”. I am here today to testify that GOD Almighty fulfilled all of those prophecies for me and He did much more. I successful completed my Nursing program in 2019 without failing any class or taking any loan. With the help of Almighty GOD, I successfully passed my board exam at the very first attempt and GOD blessed me with a wonderful career. GOD Resorted ALL for me and my family. Esther Adebanjo from Houston Texas

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